“Energy” Bites

I am not quite sure if these live up to their name, but that’s what everyone is calling them on Pinterest, so I will go along with it. 🙂

I have recently discovered a new sweetener that is perfect for this recipe-dried dates. I have used them in pie crust, oatmeal, and other types of bars. I was turned off at first by their strange appearance, but now I am always on the look out for recipes that call for them.

I make these little balls all the time, but I usually just eyeball them, adding a little bit of this and that. Today I finally took the time to measure out everything I put into them. Also, I wanted to use my new tiny tripod and this recipe was the perfect excuse.


These bites are perfect for those little pick-me-up snacks. I love freezing some of them so I always have them on hand. Sometimes when I want to spice up my oatmeal, I’ll take one of them out of the freezer, pop it in a bowl with just milk and oats, and cook it in the microwave.


Hope you enjoy this easy but yummy recipe!


  • 1 heaping cup of dried dates
  • 2 tablespoons of chia seed
  • 1 cup + 1/4 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup of peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup add-ins (I used raisins here, but you could use any kind of dried fruit or chocolate chips)
  • 1/4 cup of honey


  • With a food processor, dice the dates until they begin to form into a ball or in a paste like texture. I usually add a little water to help it turn into a paste
  • The easiest way to make these bites is to go ahead and put all the ingredients into the processor right along with the date paste, except for the add-ins and the extra 1/4 cup of oats.
  • Blend the ingredients until well combined.
  • Fold in the extra oats and your choice of add-in.You might have to use your hands to mix it as it will get very hard to mix.
  • Roll the dough into balls, about 1 heaping tablespoon in size.
  • Store in the fridge or freezer.


If you look to the left, you can see the texture you want the dates to be. 

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